About Trenace

Trenace Riggs for Virginia Beach School Board

Second only to her family, education and our public schools in Virginia Beach have been and continue to be Trenace Riggs' life, love, and passion. Throughout her teaching career of 37 years, she cherished every experience and success, and knows that with hard work, we can achieve so much for our students.

From being a classroom teacher, serving as the president of the Virginia Beach Education Association, to serving on the Virginia Beach School Board, Trenace is extremely proud of her work teaching children, advocating for public education, and representing the citizens of Virginia Beach on their school board. Throughout it all, Trenace has sought to create a world-class education system for everyone.

Trenace has proven time and time again that her only motivation for serving on the school board is to ensure that public schools in Virginia Beach continue on the path of excellence. Her focus always has been, and always will be, on students. Trenace stands ready and willing to partner with anyone who shares these ideals.

Throughout her career as an education professional and leader, Trenace Riggs has fostered positive working relationships with members of the school board, city council, community leaders, and other local officials. She works with them in the best interests of our students and our educators. Should the citizens of Virginia Beach continue to place their trust in Trenace by re-electing her to the school board, she will continue this work.

But Trenace needs your help in order to be successful. Please consider helping her campaign by making contribution today. Your support will allow me to let others know about her campaign, why she is running, and why Trenace is the best candidate to represent Centerville on the Virginia Beach School Board.

"With your help, I can take everything I have experienced in my career in education to continue to serve our schools well as a school board member. I cannot do this without you." - Trenace Riggs